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2.7 Legislative process

Only in 2005 there were 666 new acts, amendments, regulations, orders, provisions and similar legislative standards published in the collection of laws. This high amount was not unique in comparison to earlier years either. The average number of legislative provisions published in the collection of the laws in 2000-2005 reached 663. Although not all of them are directly related to or interfere with the business environment and many of them are concerned only with a tight circle of the business subjects, it is obvious that the problem of the business subjects lies in the high production of regulations and laws that make the keeping up with the government bureaucracy and the rules regulating the behaviour of the market subjects impossible.

Only in ten most important norms regulating business enterprise appeared 136 changes and revision of the statutes between 2000 and 2005. I.e. that one out of the ten most important acts regulating business enterprise in Slovakia was changing approximately every two weeks within the last six years*.


*Changes in the law include revisions passed by the parliament in the third reading. In case of the acts which came into effect during 2000 – 2006, there are even the changes in the acts preceding them included if such acts existed (e.g. in case of the Income Tax Law no. 595/2003, there were the revisions of this law as well as the revisions of the Income Tax Law no. 366/1999 since 2000 until passing a new law included).

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